Casa Resorts

Founded in 2002 by 3 members - Takao Shinomiya, Richard Ham, and Chris Keller. Casa Resorts Inc. is a privately held Hospitality Investment and Asset Management company. As entrepreneurs and lifetime hoteliers, we understand that there is no substitute for hard work and 1st hand knowledge in this business. 15 years ago we decided to strap on our boots and get busy creating and operating the type of hotels that every employee dreams of without the red tape that so restricts the corporate mold today. Since we started from the so-called bottom, having worked in the old hotel mail rooms and front desk we learned the ins and out of this business. This invaluable experience allows us to better understand the operations of a hotel along with the pitfalls and successful attributes of brands and independents alike.

Though we don't necessarily want to call it "work" since we love what we do. We are proud to say that we haven't stopped "working" on the development of Casa Resorts in 15 years and now have built a business valued at over 70+ million in personal We have dedicated our careers to thinking out of the box and delivering results by incorporating strong fiscal management and policies while always bringing personal touches and character to our projects and partners. The Casa Resorts family is solely dedicated to the Hospitality industry and prides itself on strict investing criteria along with a sharp focus of bottom line results.

The Casa Resorts difference is the boutique nature of our development in the industry and this is something that we carry through as a core and guiding principle - To always think differently, push for the best from our people and properties, and to respect our customer while striving to elevate their experience at each touch point.


What We Do

Company Facts:
  • 5 hotels and over $70 million worth of Real Estate Assets / Investments
  • 75+-year cumulative experience between 3 Managing Members
  • Serving major and secondary US Markets
  • Skilled and strategic team including legal and acquisition departments
  • Based out of Southern California
  • Specializing in Acquisitions, Repositioning, and Asset Management within the hospitality industry
  • Established strategic financing and operating partners