General Rental and Occupancy Criteria Guidelines

  1. 1. Age Requirement

    • Person(s) 18 years of age or older will be considered a leaseholder and must complete an application
    • A non-refundable application fee must be paid for each applicant 18 years of age and older for processing criminal background and credit check.
  2. 2. Legal Status

    • Upon submitting your application you must provide a valid, government issued photo I.D. Acceptable forms of I.D. are as follows; a U.S. State Driver's License, Identification Card or Military Identification card, a U.S. Visa, or U.S. Passport. If any other documentation is needed and not presented to management within 72 (seventy-two) hours, the application may be cancelled and the holding fee will be not refunded.
  3. 3. Occupancy Standard

    • Occupancy is based on the number of bedrooms in an apartment home. A bedroom is defined as a space within the premises that are used primarily for sleeping, designed to be closed with a door and a closet space for clothing.
    • Maximum occupancy is two plus one per bedroom per apartment.
  4. 4. Income Requirement

    • The gross monthly income of an applicant must equal 3 times the effective rental amount of the apartment. The gross monthly income of roommates must equal 2.5 times the rental amount of the apartment.
    • Prior to move in, all income must be verified by obtaining one of the following: copy of one month's payroll check stubs, previous year W-2 or 1099 or copies of last three consecutive bank statements demonstrating monthly deposits equivalent to two and a half times the rental amount.
    • Offer letter on company letterhead. Income verification must be in written format.
    • All sources of income will be verified. Verifiable: bank statements, child support, trust accounts, pay stubs, W2, or tax returns.
  5. 5. Self-Employment

    • Must provide the previous year's personal income tax return and two months personal bank statements as evident of sufficient income. Person who holds a job that is tips only, bonuses only, commission only, will be considered self-employed.
  6. 6. Employment Verification

    • Lease Holder(s) must be currently employed, or provide written evidence of regular income sufficient to 2.5 times the rental amount of the apartment for the lease term.
    • If unemployed or retired, proof of assets should be provided, and must be 2.5 times the rental amount of the apartment, for the lease term.
  7. 7. Residency

    • Previous rental history, up to 2 years, will be reviewed and must exhibit no derogatory references. In addition, any debt owed to an apartment community/landlord must be paid before an application will be approved.
  8. 8. Credit Requirements

    • No established credit history will required a Guarantor/Co-signer and/or applicant must pay an additional deposit. Foreclosures and discharged bankruptcies 3 years or older will be ignored. Open bankruptcies will result in a denial. Medical and Student debt will be ignored. If an applicant has 51% - 71% negative credit they will be required to pay an additional deposit. Applicants with more than 75% negative credit will be required to pay a larger additional deposit. Negative credit is considered any account rated 5 or higher (120 days past due) as reported by the Credit Bureau. All credit is verified through a credit agency.
  9. 9. Criminal History

    • A Nationwide Criminal Background and Sex offender database search will be completed on all applicants. Any applicant with a Felony conviction may be denied. Any applicant with a misdemeanor conviction related to a Violent Crime against a person or property, sex or weapons and drug charges will be denied.
  10. 10. Declined Applications may include 1 or more of the following:

    • No verifiable income or salary (except with Guarantor/Co-Signer)
    • Falsification of the application (This will also result in loss of application fee and holding fee)
    • Eviction record
    • Criminal history as indicated above
  11. 11. Application Fee

    • A $50.00 (plus tax) non-refundable application fee is required per application.
  12. 12. Deposit Requirements

    • A deposit and/or holding fee is required to be paid in full up on submission of application.
    • If applicant is not approved, any monies applied to apartment (deposit, holding fees, etc.) will be refunded except application fees. In addition, falsification of information on the application will result in loss of monies submitted.
    • In the event that applicant(s) cancel 48-hours after monies are received, the full deposit, application fees, and holding fee will be forfeited.
    • All rent, deposits, and fees must be paid by check, money order or cashier's check. No cash will be accepted.
  13. 13. Pet Deposit Requirements

    • Prior to move-in, or when you acquire a pet, you must provide management with a veterinarian certificate of health with the following information: name, breed, age, weight, shots or vaccinations, and spayed or neutered.
    • Pets must be a minimum of twelve months old.
    • No more than 2 pets are allowed per apartments.
    • Exotic and poisonous animals and ferrets are not allowed in the community.
    • Pets are not to exceed 25 pounds. Rottweiler, Doberman Pinchers, Chows, Pit-bull Terriers, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Stafford Bull Terrier and Wolf mixes are restricted. A pet deposit of $400 and a non-refundable pet fee of $100 are required for each pet. A monthly pet fee of $35 per pet will be added to your monthly rental amount.
    • Pets designated as service animals to accompany a resident with a verifiable disability for specific purpose of aiding that person will not be charged pet fees and other limitations may be waived, please see office.
    • Please reference our pet agreement for further details of our pet policies.
  14. 14. Co-signers/Guarantors

    • Co-signers or guarantors of leases must have notarized signature on lease agreement if not present at lease signing.
    • The co-singer must fill out an application and will be subject to rental/mortgage verification and credit checks. The Co-signer will be required to provide proof of monthly income at 4 times the effective rental payment.

Heers Communities Rental Criteria are guidelines, which enable us to accept as prospective residents those individuals who are credit worthy and do not have a Criminal Background. This Rental Criteria does not ensure that all individuals residing on or visiting the community conform to these guidelines.

Application For Residency

2. Information about the others who will occupy the Apartment

Employment - 6 Months

Previous Employment

Rental History - 2 Years

4. (A) Present Address

 Yes    No

4. (B) Present Address

 Yes    No

4. (C) Present Address

 Yes    No

5. Will a pet of any kind be living in your apartment? If yes, please decribe. (keep in mind, some breeds are restricted.)

 Yes    No
 Yes    No
 Yes    No
 Yes    No

6. Vehicles (including motorcycles) you would like to park on the community

7. Have you been evicted and/or do you have any landlord debts?

 Yes  No

8. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

 Yes  No
If yes, please explain
(Note: All residents are required to sign a Crime Free Addendum to the Rental Agreement, at move in.)

Do you have any criminal charges pending, awaiting disposition or looming in any way; do you, or any member of your household, have any criminal charges in the process of being filed or awaiting filing by any government entity?
 Yes    No
You agree that if tenancy is accepted any criminal convictions is later learned of by Landlord, that Landlord may immediately terminate your tenancy by eviction or otherwise and you will be responsible for the attorney's fees, costs, collection fees, concessions, break lease fees, other charges and rent until premises are re-occupied.
 Yes    No

9. Person(s) to notify and whom you authorize to take possession of your personal property in case of an emergency

10. How did you hear about our community?

Applicant represent that all of the above statements are true and complete, and hereby authorizes verification of the above information, references and credit records. Applicant acknowledges that false information contained herein constitutes grounds for rejection of the application and loss of holding deposit funds. Management reserves the right to verify application information after move in and convert the proposed Rental Agreement to a month-to-month term if false or misleading information is contained in this application. This application is preliminary only and does not obligate owner or owner's representative to execute a lease or deliver possession of the proposed premises.

Rental Application

Residence History

 Own    Rent

Employment History

Additional income such as child support, alimony, or separate maintenance need not be disclosed unless such additional income is to be included for qualification hereunder Amount of

Personal Data

Yes No
Yes No

List all other occupants under the age of 18.

List all automobiles to be parked on the premises by applicant, spouse, children.