NextData works with you to create tailor-made custom designs for your project. Our experience and dedication, coupled with Control4's cutting-edge technology, produce the total solution you need to offer your buyers the automation they want now and the ability to upgrade and expand in the future to adapt to ever-changing technology. We stay on top of the latest trends and innovations to keep you in the forefront of home automation.
NextData works


NextData Automation translates your concepts into the technical schematics needed to flawlessly execute your design. Our experience in systems for multi-unit developments gives us the know-how to ensure full functionality for your development.

Whether you want to install basic systems in each unit ready for end-user customization or you want to lead with a full suite of already-installed amenities, we ensure every necessary detail is in place.


Installation and Programming

Once your system has been designed to your specifications, NextData Automation offers flexibility to developers in both installation and programming. We can install wiring and components per design, or we can work with your preferred electrical contractor to put systems in place.

When the components have been installed, NextData programs the software to make everything work together effortlessly. Whether you want to start with a basic system in each unit that homeowners can customize according to their own wishes, or you want to offer a suite of in-place amenities that owners can build upon, we can program every detail according to your preference

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Continued Service

NextData Automation's work doesn't end when the homeowner gets their keys. We provide a full home automation experience from initial concept through continued service to the end user. This means that you can plan your project in full confidence that purchasers will enjoy superior customer service and support.

The first step is to customize the individual system to the homeowner's preferences. Whether we start with a basic system or one that has already been configured to control shades, lighting, security, or other features, we integrate the homeowner's electronics and personalize the programming and system for their use.

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